The Company

Giro8 Cia de Dança performed for the first time in the dance scenario of Goiás state on November 4th, 2011. Since then, the company has focused on promoting dance in and from the state of Goiás and has created four works: “Retrato em Preto e Branco”, “((ENTRE)) o eu e o mundo”, “Antes que” and “Sr. Will”. The latter debuted in June 2017 in Goiânia (Brazil) and in Madrid, Barcelona, Alcarrás and Artesa de Lleida (Spain).

The company performed at important National Festivals, such as “Jornada de Dança da Bahia” (2012 and 2014), “TeNpo – Mostra de Teatro Nacional de Porangatu” (2012 and 2016) and “Paralelo 16o – Mostra de Dança Contemporânea” (2016). Internationally, it performed at “Quinzena de Dança de Almada”, in Portugal (2013), and at “2 Encontro de Artes Performativas da Comunidade de Almada”, in Portugal (2016). Furthermore, Giro8 has taken part in the TV programme  “Destino Brasil Dança”, presented by the choreographer and dancer Deborah Colker. The aim of the programme was to portray contemporary dance from ten different regions in Brazil, focusing on two dance companies from each region. Goiás state was represented by Quasar Cia de Dança and Giro8 Cia de Dança.

Throughout these years, the company has been awarded with funding by the “Leis de Incentivo à Cultura do Estado de Goiás” (“Cultural Incentive Laws from Goiás State”) for developing important projects as well as with “Prêmios de Incentivo à Cultura” (“Cultural Incentive Awards”), which allowed its maintenance and continuity. The highlights among the awarded fundings are Giro8’s maintenance by “Fundo de Arte de Cultura do Estado de Goiás – 2015” (“Art and Culture Fund from Goiás State – 2015”), international tours (Portugal and Spain) by “Lei Goyazes 2015″, and the national tour (states of Goiás, Tocantins and Minas Gerais) by”Prêmio Klauss Vianna 2014” (“Klauss Vianna award 2014”).

Giro also took part in the project “Sesc Cênico”, performing ten sessions of “Retrato em Preto e Branco” booked by Sesc Goiás. It also produced – together with Quasar Cia de Dança – the opening ceremony for the “15º Campeonato Mundial de Futsal Universitário” (“15th World University Futsal Campionship”) in Anápolis (Goiás), invited by the secretary of Education, Culture and Sports from Goiás state, Raquel Teixeira.


Joisy is Giro8’s choreographer since its beginning. Throughout her formation, she took several courses with distinguished brazilian and foreigner teachers and creators, including Déborah Colker, Sônia Mota, Mário Nascimento, Roseli Rodrigues, Caio Nunes, Ismael Guizer, Anselmo Zolla, Edy Wilson, João Pirahy, Liliane de Gramont, Arilton Assunção, Alex Soares, Andrea Sposito, Thomas Freundlich, Eduardo Bonis, Marize Piva, Igor Vieira, Eduardo Menezes, Iori Belilove, Sandro Borelli, Morena Nascimento, Ângela Nolf, Lakka, Andréa Bardawil and Paulo Caldas. She participated in the Gaga Intensive Winter Course January 2017, promoted by Batsheva Dance Company.

Joisy is graduated in physical education and specialised in academic teaching by Universidade Estadual de Goiás – ESEFFEGO. Currently she is also a tenured dance teacher at the Secretaria de Educação Cultura e Esporte do Estado de Goiás – SEDUCE (Education, Culture and Sports Department from Goiás state) and a choreogapher and teacher at the dance school “Allegro Centro de Dança” in Goiânia, Goiás.


Elaine was part of Giro8’s first cast, as a dancer, and since 2014 she has left the stages to take on the General Direction of the company. She is graduated in physical education by Universidade Estadual de Goiás – ESEFFEGO and a doctoral candidate in Health Sciences by Universidade Federal de Goiás (UFG). She also has a masters degree in Cultural Performances by the same institution. She is specialised in Methods and Techniques of Teaching by Universidade Salgado de Oliveira (UNIVERSO), as well as in Planning, Implementing and Management of Distance Education by Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF). Currently, she is a tenured dance teacher at Instituto Federal de Goiás and a tenured physical education teached at Secretaria Municipal de Educação de Goiânia (Education Municipal Office of Goiânia).