Sr. Will
(Mr. Will)

How are human relatioships modified and intensified as our lives become filled with sounds, machines, (pre)conceptions, desires…?

How do we pursue self-knowledge and a fuller life in the midst of contemporaneity? Far from ignoring the hyperreality we live in and the mechanisms of social control that impose rules and condition us every day, we seek – through the body – a new synthesis of life. Within it, the body: a place of infinite possibilities of real discoveries!

On stage, at the present time, this time, we can observe how the sensitive body is able to establish more intense human relationships.

The bodies and the encounter of bodies are seized by a combination of affection: erotic, sentimental, aesthetic, sensorial, cognitive.

Within this combination of sensations and senses we realise the power of nature and pursue the original purity of the human being, therefore several scenes are enticed by desire! Listen to your desire, give in to it, no strings attached, no prejudices, experience what is said to be forbidden! Taste, smell, touch. Touch and get startled by the different! Empty yourself, free yourself from all that harm, from all that repress. To vomit whatever is unpalatable, to get rid of the repression and, at last, to wash yourself of all that! Reach a state of fulfilment and bliss! Something sacred, simple and original! The encounter with the deepest aspects of our original being is what matters the most.

Premiere: 2017

Run time: 60 minutes

Coreography: Joisy Amorim

Dramaturgy: Antonio Gómez Casas

Original soundtrack: Cleyber Ribeiro

Rehearsal director: Erica Bearlz

Dramatic preparation: Vanderlei Roncato

Costume design: Amanda Marques

Photography: Layza Vasconcelos

Music: Cleyber Ribeiro

Lighting: Sergio Galvão

National and International Production: Marcelo Zamora