((BETWEEN)) the self and the world

What is there ((BETWEEN)) the one and the other? The one and the other space; the one and the other emotion; the one and the other individual?

The world where I live, the world I see, may be precise or it may be nothing but the inversion of what we are made of. Between the self and the world, there are countless experience possibilities.

Getting ((BETWEEN)) desire and reality, ((BETWEEN)) the real and the unreal, walk into the unknown, startled to find yourself.

Between the comfort zone and the battle zone, where do you stand? What do you do ((BETWEEN)) walking in and out some place, some relationship, life?


Here lies, then, our invitation: Get in! Get ((BETWEEN)) this and that, ((BETWEEN)) that and something else.


Enter the world of betweens, get ((BETWEEN)) the self and the world. Question the relationship ((BETWEEN)) the things you will see and the things you live. Let it in. Compare, analyse, discover yourself! For ((BETWEEN)) the self and the world there is a universe constantly inviting us: Get in! Get ((BETWEEN))!


Premiere: 2014

Run time: 60 minutes

Coreography: Joisy Amorim

Rehearsal director: Erica Bearlz

Dramatic preparation: Vanderlei Roncato

Set design: Clodoaldo Dias e Gabriel Côrtes

Costume design: Ana Maria Mendonça

Photography: Layza Vasconcelos

Music: Cleyber Ribeiro

Original soundtrack: Cleyber Ribeiro

Lighting: Sergio Galvão

National and International Production: Marcelo Zamora